Idris Jusoh (pic)

Some serious drama is brewing in Trengganu.

Just awhile ago, the UMNO goons accused DAP and Lim Kit Siang of being disrespectful to the Perak Regent.

But now UMNO is doing the same thing. The state assemblymen of Trengganu decided to boycott the swearing-in ceremony of the new MB of Trengganu when the Sultan was adamant to install his choice to the position and not UMNO’s recommendation of the infamous Idris Jusoh.

Latest news says the Trengganu Sultan’s choice of MB who was supposed to be sworn in this morning has been stripped of UMNO membership.

I like what Aisehman had to say.

With UMNO and the BN it has always about them and never about the rakyat.

I hope our Agong will stand firm with his decision and show us that he cannot be manipulated by the UMNOPutras.

Daulat Tuanku!!