Got this piece of news at The Star Online.

Karyawan fears four states may follow Kelantan’s example

The Malaysian Artistes’ Association (Karyawan) fears for the local arts and entertainment industry following the formation of new governments in five opposition-led states. 

“We are very apprehensive that the same restrictions in PAS-led Kelantan might apply to the four other states where the party is part of a loose DAP-PKR-PAS coalition,” president Freddie Fernandez said. 

What crap are you talking about Mr. Fernandez!  Everyone knows PAS is part of the Barisan Rakyat coalition in these states and they do not have the majority to do and implement all the things you say they might. Seriously… I would never have thought a man of your calibre and education would be so stupid to actually give an idiotic interview like the above. (Guess I was wrong!)

What seems more plausible is that you were put up to this! Are you a BN lackey used by UMNO?